Especially For Youth!

Alex, Jackson, and Keaton from my Company doing our Service Project.
EFY was hands down the best week of my summer! I loved every moment of it! I met so many new friends and strengthened my testimony SOOO much! It was incredible. My counselor's name was Tiffany, and I loved her! The girls and guys in my company were amazing! We all got along great and became a little family. On Tuesday and Wednesday you go to classes for 4 hours and learn more about the gospel. They have teachers come in and teach them to you and we had two seminary teachers, Brother Hinton and Brother Martin. They too, we amazing! I loved all the classes and learned so much! We also had YM/YW that week and it was on Thursday. This is also the day where we wear Sunday dress and have Testimony meeting. During YW we had a lesson on "Women being God's divinest creation". It was so spirtual. The spirit was so strong and I'm pretty sure all the YW in the room were in tears. Brother Johnson, who was our Session Director, taught the lesson and stressed how much our Heavenly Father loves his daughters and how we need to see ourselves the way he does. The world is killing our self-esteem these days and makes us seem so insignificant. After this lesson I felt like a million dollars and loved. EFY is one of the most life changing opportunities there are. It's amazing how strong the spirit is an how much you feel EVERY day. When we leave to go home on Friday and return to the 'real world' it's something none of the youth look forward to. I wish life was like EFY. There are so many things I could say about it but it would take far too long. One of the best moments, actually, it's kind of a bitter-sweet moment, is right before we leave to go home you get in your company and put your arms around each other and sing the EFY Medly. The spirit hits everyone like a boomerang! Everyone is in tears and it's a moment I will never forget. EFY has definetly changed me for the better :) if you ever have the opportunity to go, TAKE IT!!!

My company- Heirs of the Kingdom :)

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