throwback thursday.

so if anyone of you guys are instagram fans, then if you are like me, your feed is blown up on thursdays by 'throwback' pictures. don't get me, i love them. i think it's always fun to get a peek into someones past. however, as i was reading my good friend, sara's, blog ((we're actually best friends in real life. cool, right?)) she posted about her amazing concert she went to last night. immediately my mind went to the best concert of my life that i never wrote about. so, here is a throwback thursday blog post. enjoy!

march 10, 2013.
get lucky.
salt lake city, utah.

guys, when i say this was one of the best nights of my life, i am not exaggerating. the music, the people, the atmosphere, everything: amazing. if you know me in real life (that sounds weird) you have heard me rave about this constantly. it really was THAT good. i can't even begin to explain it. 
typically, i don't like to say i went to a 'rave' because i fee like it has such a bad connotation and people shut me down right there. so, i start by saying i went to a concert and explain it from there. if you're like i was, when you hear rave you probably think of dubstep, smoke, alcohol  and needles (there's a rumor that has been going on for years that people walk around stabbing you with needles. yeah, no.). however, the reality of it: 1. incredible music. i can't begin to tell you how much i've come to love EDM (electronic dance music) this year all thanks to my good friend, kyle. the feelings i get when i listen to it are unlike any other kind of music. it makes me incredible happy and just full of energy. (also, if you haven't ever listened to it, give it a try. i would love to hook you up with some of my favorite songs, just ask!) 2. there is definitely way more alcohol and smoking at my school events. i think i smelt weed like maybe once? but hookah pens are a popular thing, i guess. but they smell yummy like vanilla or cherry so it's not bothersome. 3. the people there are probably the nicest people you'll ever meet. they accept anyone. i was worried i wouldn't fit in and i'd look like an outcast people i'm not a 'raver' girl and i was in 'normal' clothes but you seriously make friends everywhere! also, if you need to get somewhere people move out of your way and there is no moshing! seriously, it was the best crowd. also, i thought i would be among the few that were sober, not the case. there were a ton of sober and normal dressed people there. i could go on and on but i will stop there for you sake. now, i will visually show you a snip-it of my experience.

one of the many friends me met-Theresa. we were
with her for a good two hours and she was quite
hilarious to talk with and took us under her wing.

this is seriously one of my favorite pictures ever!
soooo bright.

we found my cute friend, kyle, among the crowd

tiesto! in case any of you were wondering, if was a 
big deal for utah to get one of the top dj's in the world!

tommy trash killin' in

walls-tiesto remix. i cried during this song, if you 
guys were wondering. it's my favorite and i was 
overwhelmed with joy.

clarity-tiesto remix
i can't tell you how obsessed i am with this song!

doesn't that look like a blast and a half? however, if you get headaches or seizures from lights or lazers, i wouldn't recommend going because that's pretty much the whole show.

do you like going to concerts? what kind? if no, why?

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