today, was a good day.
the lady i work for had her baby on saturday. that means, a teeny weeny baby when i go to work.
i wore my chevron scarf.
mint green pants, jean shirt, and combat boots. my favs all in one outfit.
i ate my dad's homemade chili.
taco tuesday.
my nails got a fresh coat of paint.
i watched 'wreck it ralph' with mah homeboys of 17.
i showered. (it's a big deal)
i napped in my heating blanket.
my tear count has gone down.
even though these next couple of weeks will be hard, i have so much to be happy about.(i'm really, really, really trying to focus on the good things. bare with me)

my cute friend, dusty, gave me a picture of my favorite
temple (san diego).
 also, remember big booty i talk about?
it's photobombing in the background along with 
my hunk--james dean.

short hairs and a chevron scarf.

*disclaimer: although, i will try to keep it at a minimum. i may have some whiny posts coming in the future. this blog is about my life and that's what i write about. and unfortunately, my life isn't always rainbows and butterflies.

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