a change is comin' my way.

i like to think that people actually read my blog and are somewhat interested in my life. it's probably just me telling myself that to boost my confidence. however, to you real and imaginative cute readers out there, i thought i would give you a teaser before anyone else(feel honored)...

a big change is coming my way.
like, kind of life changing change.
when the decision was made, i bawled like a baby.
even still, when i think about it too much, i cry.
it's one of the hardest decision i've had to make.
but, it needs to be done.
i'm hoping i'm doing the best thing for me.
i pray i am .
but to be quite frank: it scares the crap out of me.

how's that for a teaser? seriously, all dramatics aside, these are my real feelings.
stay tuned, i won't keep you waiting for long.


  1. ah stache biggest teaser of my life.

  2. what the heck?? i want to know dear. don't keep me waiting for too long....haha i'm excited to know about this event!


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