just another boy post.

lately, i feel like everyone and their dog is getting married (literally, my dog's getting married)... the more my friends are snatched up, the more it's apparent to me that i am no where close to getting hitched nor even to being in a relationship. one of the main reasons: i'm addicted to bad boys.
i'm not just saying i'm attracted to the little bit of edgy boys who think of themselves as 'bad boys', but the full fledged "i'm bad" boys. boys who live completely opposite lifestyles and have a completely different life plan than myself. but for some reason, they have a magnetic field that i cannot stay away from. there are few reasons i can think of that could explain this issue: they are mysterious, unpredictable, spontaneous, daring, and expose me to things that didn't exist in the bubble i grew up in. needless to say, they are different and polar-opposite to me and what i've always know. they give me a thrill and it makes my hormones go cray. (sounds kind of gross... what of it?)
many girls, i feel, go for the bad boys because they are 'fixers' and the boys are 'projects'; they feel like they can fix them and turn them in to the man they want them to be. foolish, foolish thinking! i, on more than one occasion, have fallen victim to this. but i've realized you can't change people and i needed to stop trying to fix someone. they are who they are and i am who i am (bad word choice, whatev) no one needs a fixing by someone who is just as imperfect as them . so, i can tell you this: i don't like bad boys to fix them. quite honestly, my thought process is this: it's not going to anywhere with this boy, we won't get married, i'm just having fun. the problem with fun? it messes with feelings...
anyways, one of these days i need to grow out of this stage and date the good boys. the boys i would marry and want to make little babes with. if anyone has any insight how to not be attracted to bad boys and love on the good ones, please, give me some insight. and don't just say, "don't be attracted to them." trust me, i've tried and so far it hasn't worked...


  1. You know what I think? I think I am the same exact way. Yes Yes, I am married. But I always fell for the bad boys. There was something about it. But I definitely learned that bad boys never make good husbands. I'm sure you are aware of that. And when the right guy for you comes along, I promise every philosophy you ever had will suddenly make sense & you will think, "Oh. Yes. You're superb for me, really."

  2. How about life is short and should be sweet. Bad boys are fun for a little while but unless you want to be annoyed by them everyday of your life after the honeymoon stage wears off then stay away :) They will not make your life sweet....other advice, look at women who married said bad boys and see how their lives are.....think about what you really really want from life and head in that direction and you will find someone on the same path.


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