thank you, pinterest, for speaking for me.

you know those weeks where you feel like nothing is going right? where you just want to hide in a cave and be anti-social? where you feel like you've cried more tears than your body can produce? one of those weeks where you find a best friend who you realize will be there through everything?  this, has been one of those weeks. 
sometimes, it's harder feel your saviors love even though you know, without a doubt, he's there, walking right beside you. he wants to see you grow and in order to do so, he needs to let go, and take a few steps back so you can make those steps on your own--to learn from those steps. 
this week, i really discovered i have a very good friend in my life right now. he caught me at my worst and stayed to calm me. he didn't pressure me to talk, but assured that i could tell him anything. he just held me while i let my emotions take their toll.
he did that for 3 straight nights.
he stayed. 
he calmed me.
he assured me everything was going to work out. 
one thing, in particular, that stuck out to me was that one night we were sitting there and he asked me if i had prayed. this really caught me off guard. i said, 'of course' and then i realized i had been praying for everyone else, but not for me. sometimes, we need to ask for things for ourselves--and comfort was what i was in need of. just like the saying goes, " the lord doesn't always calm the storm, but he comforts his child." that is what needed to be done.

i do not think god accidentally puts people into our lives. i do not think my friend just happened to walk in the exact moment i needed him most. the lord's hand is in everything. 

even when it's hard to see the outcome of a trial. to feel your savior and heavenly father there, they are there. believe in his plan even when it's not your own. believe in him even if you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. you may need to do a little more searching, but it's there. 


  1. how awesome that you have a close friend that was there for you. Today in fact I was telling my good friend how blessed and grateful I am to have her as my friend. I hope your week this week is a beautiful one. I'm now following your blog.
    Abigail K


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