why you should apply to work at oakcrest.

guess what time of year it is? if you guessed, the time to apply to oakcrest, you are precisely correct. here are my top ten reasons why i think you should apply to work at the best place on earth. (you thought it was disneyland, didn't you? well, i'm sorry to inform you, you thought wrong)

1. you are constantly filled with the spirit and are very sensitive to it. the moment it leaves, you notice and will do anything to get it back .

2. you gain 55 new best friends. the staff is full of the most amazing people you'll meet who are the best examples to you.

3. you get to be a 'mom' for a week and your girls will idolize you and think you're the greatest person on the planet. who doesn't love a self-esteem booster?

4. along with the self-esteem booster, your girls will tell you you're beautiful and truly mean it, even if you haven't showered/gotten ready for 4 days. you feel beautiful despite what is looking back at you in the mirror.

5. you will come closer to your savior in ways you cannot even fathom.

6. the women's committee. they are the biggest examples and show true followers and disciples of christ. they are your mom away from home and will bend over backwards for you.

7. you get to teach the gospel 24/7 and is the best mission prep/mini-mission.

8. you get paid to play all day. ex: foam slide, archery, zip line, crafts, and you get to make a complete fool of yourself.

9. you learn that you can do hard things. hardest summer of my life, but the most rewarding.

10. you will learn more about yourself, the gospel, and your relationship with our heavenly father and savior, jesus christ, in 10 weeks than you have your entire life.

find out about oakcrest here and apply here. do it. i promise you don't regret it.

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