weekend of october 12th.

this weekend was an odd, but eventful one. for others sake, i will leave out a lot of the details.

friday night we went to kyle's hockey game. i fogot how much i love watching hockey. my favorite: the fights.  i begged kyle to get in a fight or go to the penalty box. he shot down both of those ideas. boo. i guess he wanted to play more than sit out...however, he is by far the best one on his team, by a long shot, so that was a wise choice on his part. after his game we went to charlies and got ice cream. on the way there kyle was driving and i thought i was going to punch him because he was purposely trying to make the people in front of us mad. i got over it. we then got back and went to a party for a bit. as we were leaving the cops showed up, so it's a good thing we left. we came back to our apartment where we attempted to watch a movie and instead everyone was festering all over. (wonderful word. props to kim)

saturday, b and i took a lovely drive to tony's grove and got caught in a good pouring of rain. however, it was one of the most beautiful drives i've been on, despite the rain, and b is more than good company to talk with. nighttime rolled around and we had a trip to lava hot springs planned, so we piled into the cars and made our trek there. i love the hot springs and could sit in there for days if it didn't roast my internal organs. a lot of weird things went on in that pool and hooking up later that night... that is the only detail i will give. my friend, aubree, came and stayed with us and we sat and talked for hours while everyone else was doing their own thing. (like i said, a really weird weekend)

sunday came and i had an incredible time at chruch, as always. i came home and watched the video above and was touched. i love how the lord knows exactly what we need to hear whether it be directly for ourselves or for the help of others. 

overall, it was a great weekend and i'm glad i have such great friends to share it with. 

happy monday :)

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  1. Can you believe it is said that EVERYONE will have an addiction in their lifetime? I needed to hear that, so thank you. Also..I LOVE HOCKEY too! Especially the fights. Great minds are most definitely alike :)

    amanda @ we and serendipity


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