home is wherever i'm with you.

this past weekend was fall break, so i decided to take a trip home (seeing how i haven't been home this whole year) and i took my cute friend, kyle, home with me to good ole west jordan.
we were there from wednesday night to sunday night so we were trying to think of cool things to do so that kyle wasn't bored out of his mind. thursday we went to lunch at the cheesecake factory and then went and visited kitty city at the humane society. basically, i was in heaven. anyone who knows me, knows that have a(n) slight obsession with cats. after visiting kitty city, we decided to go play with the puppies and took some of them for little walks and for some play time. on our way to take the dog back, erica and i saw these two little boys with the smallest kittens. we asked where he got them and he told us they found they, and we then proceeded to make friends so we could hold them. the boys' mother came out and told them that they had to take them to a shelter because the humane society wouldn't take them. she was so distraught. erica and i got this brilliant idea that we could take them. so we left the humane society with two new kittens (in which we had no plans of coming home with). definitely, not one of our brightest plans because we now have kittens on our first day and have no idea what to do with them... we decided that we would keep one, and our friend, kaique, would keep the other. overall, they have been a blast. i love just snuggling with kitty. she really has a liking for boobs and will climb and sleep on them every chance she gets. oh, i also saw one of my cute campers at kitty city. whenever, i see them, they act like they're watching a dog walk on its hind legs-- awkward.
kitty city. 

erica, gaisford, and kaique getting some cat lovin'.

kyle was in love the entire time at kitty city.
we both share an huge amount of love for felines.
no wonder we're friends.

the kitties at kitty city are very intelligent. 

kaique and erica with their favorite kitties: symphony and canvas.

the rest of the weekend included: saratoga hot pots, lots of movie watching, shooting guns, games, mario kart, seeing my bff who's missionary comes home tomorrow, and lots of snuggling with the kitties.

so kyle, erica, and i still can't agree on a name for our cute kitty, so if you have any ideas, shoot them our way. we'd love to hear them .
a few things about kitty
she loves driving the car
she loves snuggling.

she's adorable.
she's obsessed with food. seriously, she goes crazy if she sees it. 

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