a congratulatory post.

today, a very important event occurred in my best friends life. it marked the day that her beloved missionary came home. elder trujillo faithfully served in the philadelphia, pa, mission and returned with honor on october 23, 2012. my bff, kayla, faithfully kept her promise and waited for him for the past two years. i am so proud of her and look up to her in so many ways. congrats, kayla, you deserve this.
 i'm already anxiously awaiting the wedding...


yeah, maybe i creeped on these photos...
basically, for two years i've had kayla to myself, it's going to be weird to have to share her again. but i wouldn't want to share her with anyone but cameron. hopefully, he'll start spelling my name right so we can become besties.... once again, congrats, kayla! i love you to the moon and back (:


  1. hey ash ash! i nominated you for a cute award!

  2. Ashy I love this. Thank you so much. And thank you for all of your support my friend. You are the best and I love you dearly.


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