dear boys.

dear boys.

in reply...
dear europe,
the feelings that i had for you, quickly faded after a weekend. i still think you are so great and i'm glad we're friends. i think that is where i want to keep you. i feel like i go so off and on with you but i think off is where you're going to stay. plus, you basically told me i wasn't your 'type' so....this is awkward.

dear bad boy,
yep, you still make my head spin. i still quite figure you out and it drives me nuts. however, i still think you're a great kid and i really wish you could see what the rest of us see in you. i'm glad we're even better friends and i'm sorry i have zero filter around you. i'm a little too comfortable around you...thank you for being patient with me and still accepting me.

dear southern boy,
i really miss hearing from you. you were a good friend and i still want you in my life as a friend, if nothing else. i know living miles away is hard to keep in touch, but i know we could do it. i still think the world of you and know you'll make someone very happy in the future. 

dear country,
i really wish you'd notice me as much as i do, you. i still think you are the man of my dreams and really want to get know you better. however, i get the feeling you think i'm too young for you... please serenade me on the guitar and let's date? yeah? yeah.

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