dear boys.

dear europe,
from the moment i saw you, i was very attracted to you. i still can't pinpoint what it was, but i feel like you just keep getting better and better. i really wish you'd notice that i like you. sometimes i feel like i should just write it across my forhead "hey, i like you". but maybe that still wouldn't work. i can't read you and it drives me nuts. i can't tell what you're thinking or what you're doing next. yet, it's very intrguing because it gives me a mystery. maybe, could you come out of your shell a little bit more?

dear bad boy,
seriously, everytime i'm with you it gives me a thrill and i have no idea why. maybe, it's because of the opposite lives we lead or maybe the fact that you, too, are mysterious. i truly believe that you are a good kid but you get caught up in 'things'. i really enjoy spending time with you and i hope it continues.

dear southern boy,
i really don't what to say about you. everyone had expectations for you and i feel like we're letting them down. i still don't know how i feel about you and it kind of frustrates me . however, i think you are incredible and will make whomever you end up with, happy. i miss hearing from you daily and the way you made me feel wanted. however, if it's not meant to be, there will be a different path for both of us.

dear best-man-on-the-planet,
i hope to marry someone just like you. you are the best father figure someone could ask for. you are an amazing friend, husband, father, and worthy priesthood holder. i absolutely love the relationship we have with one another and the fact that i can talk to you about anything. i love you to the moon and back.

dear country,
um, hi. let's get married? when i saw you the first sunday in church, i was very, very attracted to you. i fancied you, but didn't think much past the physical attraction. however, you introduced yourself tonight and i was smitten. basically, you fall into every category of what i want in a man. let's get to know each other more?

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  1. I think we could be good friends. You are adorable! It's settled. Stoked to be your newest follower.

    Amanda @


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