so, i kinda miss them.

since the ending of the best summer of our lives and coming back to logan, b, kim, and i have basically been attached at the hip. it's so nice to just have them a hop, skip, and a jump away and to be able to talk about our girls and not get bored to death. however, tonight we had the honor to 'hang out' with tadja and hannah. oh, how i've missed those girls. they seriously were two of my besties this summer and i miss them so much. wouldn't it have been convenient if all 55 of us went to the same school and never had to be apart? what a dream boat that would be.
here's some cute photographs of our sesh:
hannah (goose) telling us some jokes.
did you know she's a stand-up comedian?
youtube her. hannah wing

since when can you have a beard at byu?

tadja is our perfect friend.

isn't she a cutie?

with tadja at dixie and hannah at byu, and the rest of the oakies dispersed throughout the world.; i am so grateful for technology and especially google+ and the ability we have to chat with each other and see one anothers faces. it's almost as good as in person. almost.

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