oakcrest (pt. one)

my heart is full of gratitude to my heavenly father and i've cried so much the past few days that i feel i almost have the permanent 'trying to catch you breath' breathing technique. i promise,  i will (attempt to) give a full update of my summer but right now i want to have a lighter post and focus on the funny things that happened and that i've learned this summer.
you know you work at oakcrest when...

  • no matter how hard you try to avoid it, you will begin talking like a 14 year old girl and say things like, mo defs, totes, perf, supes--it's inevitable.
  • shower time with your friends is the best of times.
  • shower puppets are a must for shower entertainment.
  • when you go back to the 'real world' you don't know how to interact with normal people your own age.
  • you forget how to sing "i am a child of god" normal. 
  • it's an exciting and rare occurance when you poop. 
  • you say "clap, clap, clap" in 'real life' to get people's attention.
  • you pee your pants often.
  • you introduce yourself as your camp name outside of camp.
  • you laugh when you campers go the wrong way on the iron rod and you have the specialist tell them there are rocks or something ahead and make them jump or do something crazy.(mind you, they're blindfolded)
  • you cringe and tend to correct people who say non oak-apprope words.
  • you're prepared to have 14 kids at once.
  • it's rare that your boogers come out any other color than black.
  • a knock on the door in the middle of the night scares the day lights out of you.
  • showering more than once on the weekends seems like a chore.
  • you sit on the toilet more than you need just to take in the fact that you have some alone time for a minute.
  • you see problems in your life and think "i should do a unit prayer on that" 
  • you go to the bathroom at home and are upset that there are no quotes to read.
  • you look forward to going to the bathroom on monday's to read the new quotes.
  • whenever a girl starts singing a song you panic and think, "is that oak-apprope?"
  • you brag about your hairy legs/armpits
  • you do head counts to make sure everyone is there when you're home.
  • you do table chants on your kitchen table.
  • you are dying to go to the "city". aka kamas.
  • you make costumes out of butcher paper.
  • you have goose's stand up comedy memorized and mouth it on thursday nights.
  • treehut is the 'great and spacious building"
  • you tell your girls to stand on the other side of the wishing well because there's something cool and spray them with the fountain.
  • you stay up late with your roommates and attempt to make up cheers for you name.
  • your roomies cabin gets blamed by your girls for being too loud, when in reality it was you.
  • you no longer consider miracles rare because you witness them everywhere.
i'm slowly trying to transition into my life i lived before, but it's hard. i feel like a piece of me is gone and i left it in woodland, utah. i know without a doubt in my heart, that oakcrest was where i was supposed to be this summer and being an instrument in the lords hand is beyond anything i could try to describe. it's hard trying to  explain my experience to others that didn't live it. they don't understand. i don't blame because it's hard to truly understand something until you've lived it. my family and friends will probably never laugh at my never ending inside jokes, and will never ask me to sing them to sleep and tell me they love me as i go into my room every night. it's okay. everything will be okay with the lord on my side. 


  1. 1. I love this with all of my heart.
    2. I am stealing it and putting it on my blog
    3. I love you and good luck tommorrow/ the rest of the week!

  2. This makes me super happy :) I'm so glad you had such an amazing opportunity. I totally wish I could have been up there!


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