cowgirl at heart.

i will be a cowgirl, one day. country is what i live for. i fell in love with the music years ago and i'm falling more and more in love with the lifestyle as the days go on. horses are my favorite animal and if i could be on one 24/7 and have my buns be hurting more than anything, i would. luckily, i have my own little country-living-life that i can pretend to live and ride some of my families beauties.




over the years, the horses and i's relationship have changed and i've fallen in love with them. tigger is the light colored horse with the dark mane and shasta is the dark brown horse with the white on her nose. i love them both so much and i cherish the time i get to spend with them. tigger is just a baby (okay, he's 5. but that's pretty young) and loves to go fast and reminds me so much of a huge, puppy dog. tigger loves the attention and i love when he nuzzles he face again my chest just begging for attention. shasta is 14 and 1200 lbs of sweetness. she is honestly the sweetest horse and i usually opt to riding her. she is social and lazy and has to know what's going on around her at all times. she thinks she is tigger's momma and keeps him in check. every time i go visit them, i fall more and more in love with them. i am a lucky girl.

p.s. if you know any single cowboys, hook a sista' up!

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