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i'll admit, i have a weakness for "reality" television shows. and, if they include attractive men and drama, i'm hooked. yep, i'm addicted to the bachelorette and i have no shame in admitting it. unfortunately, i will be at oakcrest monday nights so no more bachelorette nights for me. (actually, there is nothing unfortunate about me not being able to watch it on mondays, i have the most incredible opportunity for the summer) so, my predictions/impressions of some of the bachelors go as follow:

first off, why does he have a different background than everyone else? secondly, i think emily is going to fall for his daddy charm. and i think it's the real deal. if emily could see him talk about being a father to kalon last week, she'd fall for him and kalon would be gone in a heartbeat. 

i wish he'd do something with his awful hair. maybe a cut?  he'd be quite the hottie. i really like him but i'm still figuring out why emily kept him, i'm pretty sure they've only talked once on the show. maybe, there's a behind the camera romance going on?

arie, arie, arie. you are a heart-throb. i am most definitely team arie. however, i'm still not sure about  him being a race car driver. i hope that doesn't get in the way. however, it looks like there's a hot romance brewing between them in the next episode.

i'm pretty sure he's is the most self-righteous, arrogant person ever.  okay, that's an exaggeration, but he's pretty close. i don't know what emily sees in him? money? maybe she likes his vocabulary? whatever it is, chopper has got to go.

hello, salt lake! i wasn't sure how i felt about him at first. i mean, he rode in on a skateboard... however,  i think he is very cute and charming, he just needs to open up and break out of him shell.

his peacock hair has gotta go, but i love him. i absolutely loved the ryan-emily combo and fell in love with him on their date last week. i think he stands a very good chance. plus, emily totally had hungry eyes for him on their date.

i'm not sure if i like him or not. emily apparently does and thinks he's one of the most attractive guys ever. either he is a sweetheart of meat head. 

i like him, but i feel like he keeps missing his chances and won't be around for too long. however, the fact that he's a father may be a winner for emily.

how could you not love that face? he's so cute and seems so innocent. his story breaks my heart and i'm hoping it's not just for attention. i'm not sure he is for emily, though.

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  1. The guy with long hair would look like Tom Cruise if he cut it. I watched one season of this and if I wouldn't catch crap from others I would watch more :) Personally I think everyone on reality t.v is fake and there is no reality in any way shape or form, but I do like to watch ;)


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