dear boys.

dear office supply,
i think you're cute. i think we'd get a long great. let's date?

dear past,
i think i'm finally content with keeping you where you belong. for now, at least.

dear england,
i really wish i'd get a letter from you; they always brighten my day. also, the fact that you finish sentences with scriptures is the best thing ever. even though you make fun of me all the time, i know it's all out of love. p.s. i'm still waiting for you :)

dear southern boy,
i haven't heard from you since valentines day, which is weird because you're normally better than me at keeping in contact. please let me see your name in the return address soon. it's been far too long.

dear glen,
i cannot express how grateful i am for your friendship and for listening to me for hours the other day going on  about silly things. thank you so much for caring about me and for being there for me when i needed you. you are such an incredible guy and i'm blessed to call you a friend.

dear landscaper,
even though things didn't work out between us, i'm happy that you are happy. and, i still think you're one of the most attractive guys on the planet.

dear dancer,
i feel rather uncomfortable that i messaged you and you never messaged me back. i feel silly. hopefully, it was because you didn't get it. yep, that's what i'll tell myself.

dear hubby,
you are incredible and i know you are the man for me. one day, we will be married and lots of super cute babies together. for now, we will have to wait until that day comes.


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