grown up decisions.

ever since i was a wee little girl, i always had my life planned out.
go to high school
go to college
become a nurse.
get married.
have kids.
live happily ever after.
then life throws you a road block and those plans can be altered. for instance, after last year when i spent countless hours at the hospital, i know get anxiety just thinking about them. i don't think a nurse is the best career choice. also, after spending a year at usu (which i absolutely love with all my heart), i'm trying to decide if that's the best place for me. it may have been for my first year, but now what? this is probably one of my biggest stresses and worries right: what should i do with my life next year? i have a very strong feeling that i need to switch schools. which kind of frustrates me because i absolutely love usu. however, it's quite a killer on your bank account and when you're the one paying for school, it's tough. and i plan to do whatever it takes to graduate with no student loans. as of now, the options i have in mind are: snow, byu-i, slcc, or a technical school. all of which, would be good decisions, but what's best for me?

grown up decisions and responsibilities kinda stink sometimes.


  1. Come to byui with me and whitney!!!

  2. Grown up decisions are hard...and it doesn't get much easier...I would even say that they get harder! But, pray, pray, pray! You can't go wrong with that! I have learned so many things from all of the paths that I have taken! I'm pretty sure that you will choose wisely and benefit greatly from where ever you decide!


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