today was one of the best days ever. it all started out going to landscaping. did you know that's currently my favorite class? well, it is. left landscaping and went to tsc and saw hottie boy. i was sitting with april and steven and hottie boy was sitting across the room. i kept an eye on him very inconspicuously. he and his friend got up and left. meanwhile, i am talking to steven and pretend i don't see them walking right past us. as soon as they walk away, april gets mad of me for not saying a word to him. i was trying to play the hard-to-get game. (in case you're wondering, i suck at it. i just come off as a jerk) time passes and i suddenly see him walking behind me. i get up the courage to say 'hi' as he passes by. i do it. all of the sudden i am freaking out inside. man, that smile. yeah, i have a bad case of the birds.(trust me, they are not butterflies) a few minutes later, steven and april leave for class which leaves me alone. i glance over and hottie boy (i really need to come up with a better name) is sitting by himself. this is my chance. he is never alone. i muster all of the courage i have in my body and walk over and sit next to him. at this point, i am basically shaking. i am terrified. he looks up with a huge smile on his face and we begin talking. talking about landscaping, homework, kolten, the hunger games, and i'm sure other things i can't remember because my brain was going a milllion times and hour. the time comes for our conversation to end and he leaves to go eat lunch. at this point, i am very proud of myself and want to tell the world of this mountain of fear i just conquered. april soon gets out of class and we meet on the bottom floor of the tsc, right where hottie boy happens to be eating (it was a coincidence. i'm not that creepy) as we walk out the doors. i going out one door, and april going out the one next to me; april gets caught in between the two doors. i then run into the door and smack my face right into the glass. remember, hottie is right behind me. april and i bolt out of there and bust up laughing and couldn't believe that that had actually just happened to us. it was great. work followed the day of school and now i am off to watch me some gossip girl. i'm slightly addicted, right now. february 15th was definitely a great day!

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