a term i despise

mentally ill.
i do not like to use this word when describing myself. i feel as though it makes me sound like i need to be admitted--all joking set aside. i think i am perfectly normal and it should not affect whether or not i should be able to do something. the term just makes me cringe. i'm sure many other people who experience similar situations feel the same way. and now i must fill out more applications and go to my doctor and get written permission? i know, it's a precaution. but still, i'm not a fan. it makes me feel like i'm lower than someone who is  functioning at full capacity. sure, i may be 'mentally ill' and admit to it.  but, for all you know the person who is 'normal' could be a sex offender, thief, and a criminal in general. now how is that fair? i will be off my soap box now because i'm sure this doesn't make any sense, but i just had to rant.

my apologies.

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