Viewer Descretion Advised.

This is going to be me whining for a second. This is my blog, after all. 

I miss my best friend.
For some reason lately I've thought a lot about him.
Old memories that faded are becoming clear once again.
I forgot how fun we used to be.
All I could remember was the drama and fights.
I want "that" friendship back.
The one before everything.
The one where we'd be complete goofballs and didn't care.

I'm sure he's doing wonderful without me.
But, I can't help but think, "Does he ever feel the same?"
I watched a slideshow I once made of us.
That didn't help.
I hope one day we can get over this hump and be great friends again.
However, I know that may not be in the cards.
I may just have to play the hand I was dealt.

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