Tonight I got to spend my night with the best people on earth: 
the 2010-2011 WJHS Madrigals.
I've missed them all so much and I'm so glad the 
majority of them were able to make it.
People always make fun of us for still hanging out and being so close.
But seriously, these people changed my life.
I love each and every one of them.
It's so bittersweet to everyone move on and leave on missions.
However, these boys will all make incredible missionaries.
I am so blessed to have been able to spend so much time 
with such amazing people.
Just Dance.
Lots of lots of yummy treats.
Piano playing and singing.
Hugs and laughs.
A reminiscing movie.
Such a great night.
Yes, maybe the night was a bit nostalgic,
but I loved every moment of it.

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