The Offical AG Retreat Post.

Run Down:

  • Arrived at the "cabin" (it was more like a mansion!)
  • Played some games.
  • Ate dinner.
  • Played "Post-Secret"
  • Played more games and socialized.
  • Went to bed around 4 am in my very own King bed! Told you it was mansion.
  • Woke up and had a yummy french toast breakfast. At 8 am! I am not a morning person.
  • Played some leadership strenghthening games.
  • Did a service project.
  • Had a yummy sandwich wrap lunch.
  • Played "Cross the Line"
  • Hot tubbed it up!
  • Had a spectacular spaghetti dinner.
  • Played another game similar to "Cross the Line"
  • Played "Johari's Window"--holy, intense. Basically we shared out deepest darkets secrets, and things most people don't know about us.
  • Tried to unwind from the emotional intenisty I had experienced all day.
  • Went to bed around 2 am.
  • Woke up at 10 am and had a wonderful pancake breakfast.
  • Cleaned the "cabin"
  • Went and got Bear Lake's famous Raspberry Shakes!
  • Boarded the buses and came home!
This is Alyssa. She was the best bunk-mate ever. She also slept in the tub.

The girls of Lone Peak!

Money, anyone?
That's a very short run-down of my wonderful weekend that I experienced. Sorry, I'm too lazy to go into every detail.

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