Top Ten Thursday: You know you go to Utah State when...

10. There are more bikes, longboards, and razor scooters than pedestrians.

9. The Aggie Shuttle is the main mean of transportation. Oh, and the bus drivers are SUPER attractive! (Well, most)

8. Blue is everyone's favorite color.

7. Almost everyone around you hates BYU. (Yeah, I feel a little out of place...)

6. You can roll out of bed, go to class and no one cares,

5. You rarely run into the same people.

4. Kissing is everyone's favorite topic.

3. You go to the library, the TSC, or generally walk around campus and there are people sleeping in the most random places.

2. AG is a cool thing.

1. Aggie Ice Cream is very easily accesible and costs 6 bucks at the grocery store! (mmmm, Aggie Blue Mint)

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