Double Dose.

Lucky you! You get a double dose of me today! I totally forgot it was Thursday when I posted earlier so that mean... Thursday Top Ten: Weird things I do
In no particular order:
10. I absolutely love sticking q-tips in my ears and scratching them... (Yes, I know it's horrible to do... yada yada yada.)

9. I love picking. (sunburns, scabs, zits. gross, I know.)

8. I chew on my cuticals, not my nails, when I get nervous.

7. I pour milk on my ice cream

6. I cyber-stalk. I think almost everyone does it; but I'm just one that'll admit it :)

5. Sometimes I cry just to make myself feel better.

4. I can't fall asleep unless I get ready for bed in the exact same order every night.

3. Sometimes I take entertainment into the bathroom just so I can relax. (I find the toilet very relaxing and comfy)

2. I talk to myself whenever I am doing a task, especially when I get ready.

1. I clean other peoples rooms for them and do their laundry because I think it's fun.

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