And, it hit.

It hurts.
It sucks.
But I have to move on.
No more games.
No more crying myself to sleep.
No more feeling like I'm worthless.
No more feeling like I got hit by a bus
and you didn't care.
No more late nights.
No more 3 hour phone calls.
No more flirts.
No more friend.
I tried.
Now I'm giving up.
It's in your hands.

Sorry to have such a downer post. But, I had to get it out somehow. I had to release the pain that's been bruising my heart. The pain that is consuming all of my energy at the moment. I tried. But it can't be a one sided effort. I put my all my time and effort into you and it blew up in my face. Congrats to me.


  1. This makes me so sad :( I know things will get better, Ash! I love you! I will call again soon and we shall chat. Keep your head up, girly!

  2. This may be way more info then you ever wanted but I may have shed a tear while reading this. (Which is usually impossible because I dont have functioning tear ducts.) All I can say is that even though this is hard, there has got to be some lesson you're learning and, I c o m p l e t e l y feel your pain. Hang in there.


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