HP 4 Life!

Steve made all the Madrigals these super cute wands :)

Me, Steve, and Amber with our wands!

The cute birthday kids; Renae and Craig. And Natalee squeezed between

Spencer and I waiting for Harry Potter!
So basically everyone knows that Harry Potter came out last night(if you don't, well, you're a hermit!). Guess who went and saw it at midnight?! This girl! It was a blast! The festivites started out at my friend, Renae's, house for a BBQ for hers and Craig's B-Day! A bunch of got together, ate food, laughed, and best of all; caught up. I haven't seen most of these friends since Graduation and I sure did miss them! Around 11:00 we all went to The District and got caught up in Harry Potter madness! It was insane! There were people everywhere dressed up in awesome costumes! I felt so out of place being in muggle clothes... Harry Potter was amazing!!!! I loved it so much (I'll admit, I did cry a bit) and I sat between Spencer and Ryan Porter so they two of them kept me very entertained with their commentary throughout the movies. I got home around 3:30 and was dead tired and went right to bed. I would say that is was a pretty successful evening :)

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  1. I'm so sad I never got my wand!!
    :( I'm really glad he finished them though!


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