Wonderful Wednesday (:

  • woke up and lounged around
  • went to work
  • went to Institute
  • had and INCREDIBLE lesson that I needed so badly!
  • went to Spencer's
  • pushed a car off his lawn
  • waxed his stomach--seriously, one of the most entertaining things ever!
  • walked to 7-ELEVEN
  • watched dumb boys light fireworks randomly--mind you, these dumb boys belonged to us
  • got a yucky slurpee--I always choose the worst flavors...
  • got scared out of my pants with Kayla and those dumb boys made fun of us for it
  • took Kayla home
  • dropped the boys off
  • went home and slept wonderfully

Yesterday truly was a wonderful Wednesday :) I love summer days like this, they remind me how lucky I really am to have the people I do in my life.
It's the simple things in life and in my days that make me happy and matter the most :)

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