Families are Forever :)

So basically I have the coolest family EVER!!!! I love them so much and I'm so grateful that these are the people I get to spend eternity with! If any of you have ever hung out with my family you would know how truly blessed I am! I swear every day I am reminded how awesome my family is. Have I mentioned I have the coolest family ever? :) Words cannot even express how much these people mean to me. I will show some pictures that I love and try to give you a small glance into my world...

At the Eclipse premier!
Okay, so how many people's Uncles and Dads would go stand in line for hours to get you and a bunch of your cousins tickets to see the midnight premire of Eclipse?! I don't think very many. But, that's just how cool my family is :)

Easter 2010
Yes, we do know there is blue all over our lips. But how many people dye their lips blue from Robbin Eggs? Yep, my family is that cool! :) Our whole family did it, but this is just our little family.

Festival of Trees
How many peoples family get to make and donate a GORGEOUS tree to The Festival of Trees?! Well, mine does! We also are stinkin' hilarous at doing, if I do say so myself :)

How many peoples Aunts and Grandmas will sing at the top of their lungs and dance around to crazy music?! That's right, mine!

As you can see I pretty live a fantastic life! I know I'm just bragging about 'how cool my family is' but that's because I'm SOOOO grateful I have them! They mean the world to me and I would die without them. I am so grateful for the gift of families and for the family I have been placed in. I may not always be as estactic as I am right now about them, but I love them so much! They have taught me so much and have really taught and shown me the importance of families and I look up to them so much. Yesterday was one of my cousins Homecoming and it was amazing to the growth and maurity he's gained over the past two years. My uncle told a story about when my cousin was giving his report and talking about how hard one of his areas was. He then went on to say that 'it wasn't his work, it was the Lord's' and when he finally figured that out, things seemed to go much more smoothly. That seriously hit me way hard and I was blown away! How lucky am I to him in my life?! They are all such incredible examples and I hope I will at least half of the individual as they are. I'm great at throwing pity-parties for myself and very quickly that party is crashed and I really how truly blessed I am. :)

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