Day 25: The person(s) that are going through the worst of times.

   This is a pretty touchy subject for most people and kind of difficult to think of what to say and not have someone offended. Good thing I only have 5 days left! Then my exciting life will be blogged about again (much sarcastic emphasis on the word "exciting"). The person(s) that come to mind are two of my biggest heroes, my Aunt Pam and Uncle Dennis.
     My Aunt and Uncle are seriously two of the most incredible people I have met! They have definitely had their fair share of trials and it seems like they just keep getting sent their way. When most people would feel bad for themselves and give up and lose trust in the Lord, they do the exact opposite. Never once have I ever heard a word of complaint out of one of their mouths. They've lost a daughter, been diagnosed with cancer, went through hours upon hours of chemo and radiation, had many so close to them diagnosed with life changing illnesses, and so many other things; and never once have I ever heard an complaint.
     I look up to both of them more than they will ever know and love them so much. Just watching them gives me so much courage and strength to conquer the little things I have in my life. They both light up the room with their presence and I can't help but be happy when I am with them. When they lost their daughter they were the rock I relied on when I felt my whole world was falling apart. It was so incredible to see the two people who should be the most unhappy to hold their family and friends together through this difficult time. What's even more amazing about them is they don't even know how much strength and happiness they bring to those around them. It's who they are, they don't even need to try.
    I love them so much and I'm so grateful to have them in my life and to strengthen my testimony in ways they probably couldn't even imagine.
I love you guys :)

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