Day 22: Second Chance.

Okay, I'm pretty sure this is the hardest one yet! I'm totally stumped! However, there is only one person that comes to my mind so I shall blog about him... So sophomore year I kind of this fling--if you could even call it that. One day he just started talking to me and asking about a date that I went on with one of his friends. I got to know him and began to like him. He was pretty cute and could make me laugh. We got to be pretty good friends and talked pretty much everyday! I thought life was pretty darn great. Then baseball season started...All of the sudden he stopped talking to me and would just stare at me with his friends while they laughed. I was super confused and had NO idea what I did. Me, being the straight-forward person I am, asked him what was wrong and if he was mad at me. He said nothing was wrong and I didn't do anything to make him mad. However, he still continued to act this way. I just gave up. Then people would tell me that the baseball team was spreading rumors and making jokes about me and it made me super upset. Hello! YOU (he) WERE THE ONE WHO STARTED TALKING TO ME!!!!!!!!! I didn't start it. I was pretty mad but eventually let it go and moved on. Then junior year I swear we had every class together. Lovely. I tried to be friendly and not totally shun him but I still had some of those feelings in me and I was still SUPER confused. We had to work in groups together and that was fine, but I was still a little bitter. I just realized while blogging about this I really need to just to forgive him and move on. It's such a stupid little thing to stay/get upset. I only get upset when it's brought to the surface again, haha. However, I'm done with it. I've moved on. I wish that we did have the opportunity to be friends again, he seems like a pretty cool kid and hopefully he's moved on as well.

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