Day Two: My Crush

This reminded me of elementary crushes :)
I love today's topic, because boy, can I crush! That's pretty much the only thing I do with boys. I'm not really into the whole relationship thing right now so crushin' is what I do best! There are two boys that I'd call my 'main squeeze' crushes... The ones that you freak out when you see them and get birds in your stomach(they are much bigger than butterflies, trust me!) So I will start with number 1...
Boy 1, is seriously one of the most attractive kids I've ever seen! I'm totally serious, from the moment I saw him I thought instantly that he is not a boy you normally see in the streets of WJ. The more I got to know him the more I started liking him, not just his looks. I love being around him, he is hilarious and always makes me laugh. He always keeps me lingering on his words and I get so excited when I get to be with him. He is a really good kid who just doesn't always make the best decisions all the time, we all do that though! He really holds onto those regrets and I'm trying to get him to let go of them and for him to see himself the way I see him. We have different standards, which get in the way sometimes, and we don't always see eye-to-eye so I'm pretty sure Boy 1 will stay a good friend and always be a crush :)
Boy 2, holy moly! Can I say perfect?! Seriously if I had to think of one of the most perfect people I know, it'd be him. He is an incredible example and totally spiritual--SOOO attractive! He is way funny, outgoing, and can sing like none other! He's got everything going for him! He has very high standards that appeal to me a lot, he doesn't even watch PG-13 movies! He also is super attractive and has one of the most incredible jawlines I have ever seen :) I wish that I was brave enough to talk to him again, but he's the main one where the birds come in. Also, he looks VERY good in purple :) Just sayin'.
Crushes are what spice up my life and I think they are super fun! As strange as it sounds, crushes are kinda like a hobby--they give you something to do! Neither of my crushes know that I like them and I am perfectly content with keeping it that way :)

I saw this quote and it made me laugh so I thought I'd share it:
"You know you are crazy about someone when you take a longer way to class, even if it means climbing an extra set of stairs, just to see him."
True, right? ;)

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