A Magical Madrigal Christmas Season

Last Tuesday we ended our Madrigal Christmas season :( I can honestly say it was the best time of my life and it changed me forever. Before our season started I could not even, or didn't, imagine the impact this Christmas season would have on me. My attitude changed from recieving to giving. That's all I did this December--gave, gave, gave. I gave all I had to these incredible people we performed for. There were numerous performances that I will remember forever (I left in tears after most of them). I think the thing I will miss the most is being with the most incredible people all the time! We grew so close and I loved every moment of it. We spent many early mornings to late evenings together and made so many memorable experiences. I am really going to miss going to the Elementary Schools. They are what I lived for. When you walked into the gym the kids would go ballistic! They seriously treated you like you were rock-stars--it was hilarious! We would turn into 5 year olds and sing our songs and then we would end our program with the song "Believe"from The Polar Express;this is what got me everytime. Each of the Madrigals wore a silver bell around their neck and if you know the story of the 'Polar Express', only those who believe can hear the bell. We would sing our song and towards the end we would each give our bell to a kid that we had been watching the whole program and who we believe still believes in Christmas. It was the most incredible thing and very difficult to describe. It was amazing looking into those innocent children's eyes and remembering when I was their age, and how Christmas is to them. Christmas is great and all but it just isn't the same as when you're a little child and many times I would go back to that innocent little girl in a heart beat. As you have probably gathered I LOVED this Christmas Season and I can't believe it's over... Mr. DeHaan, our Choir teacher, has warned us how dull our wait for Christmas is going to seem next year because he said it happens to all the former Madrigals--they don't know what to do with themselves! Through all the madness, lack of sleep, getting lost, stress, suffering of grades; it was all worth it andthis was a Christmas I am never going to forget.

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