Quick catch up.

Next Tuesday is the 30th; which means.... Christmas starts!!! A Madrigal Christmas is a magical christmas. I am so excited! We have 65 performances and I'm looking forward to every single one of them. With 65 performances, along comes no life but singing. So this could be my last blog for a while. School is hectic, work is fantastic, and life is great! I have all my college applications in except for BYU--it's a beast! I REALLY want to go to Utah State and they have an ambassadors program that I am trying to get into, so please pray that I will! I really need it :) Tuesday night, as many of you have probably heard, Utah had a Blizzard. It was insane! I got stuck right in the middle of it and was scared for my life. Everyone was slidding everyone and the snow was coming down so hard I could hardly the car in front of me, I even got in my first 'accident'. I was just sitting in my car and stopped for a good 10 minutes when I turn my head and look out the driver's window and see a jeep spinning towards me. I thought I was going to die! I was trapped and had no where to go. The jeep spun and hit the back of my car and pushed me into the curb (and a HUGE bank of snow). I couldn't see anything and I was stuck in the snow. I started freaking out a little bit but with some prayers I was able to get out and drive off. There is a steep hill to get to my mom's house, which is where I was going, and there were several accidents on it so the police closed the road and detoured us through a neighborhood. I am very unfamiliar with my mom's side of town and got lost. I called my mom because I was super scared and wanted her to come get me. The only problem was I didn't know where I was. After about 15 minutes of being on the phone with her I slowly creeped along and found an apartment complex and an address. My mom and step-dad came and got me and he drove my car home. After a 2 1/2 hour drive, which is normally a 15 min drive, we finally arrived home safe and sound. I was okay, my car was okay, and I was ready to just curl up and go to bed. So that was my excitement for this week... I'm so ready for this relaxing weekend with my family and friends!

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