Best day ever!

So yesterday as you all know was April Fools. I was IM my friend Jenica (who is the most amazing singer I know). That afternoon after school she went over to the high school to audition for Spotlight(the musical class at the high school). Okay sorry let me back up to... about 3 weeks ago. So Jenica and I am many of my friends went and auditioned for Belles Voix (the all girls choir at the high school). I was very nervous because Mr. DeHaunn ( the teacher) had all the girls sing a solo, with the song of their choice. I had a tough time choosing between "Can you feel the love tonight" or " My heart will go on". I rehearsed them with my dad and felt more comfortable singing "My heart will go on", so I chose that to sing. I wasn't too nervous until I got there and all waiting for them to call my name so I could sing in front of all the girls and be judged by the seniors. I really think this was the most nerve-racking thing I have ever done. Once my name was called I swear I was shaking so bad and I was SO worried that my voice was going to crack or I was going to forget the lyrics. After I sang a few measures the butterflies went away and I was a little more confident! Alright now I am going to fast-forward back to yesterday... So I was IMing Jenica and she said "Guess What?" and I was like "What?" then she was like "You made Belles Voix". Wow I felt like I was imatating a movie when a girl is imitating another girl, that was weird. I couldn't believe and I kept trying to convince her to tell me it was an April Fools joke, but you wouldn't admit it. So I decided (actually my dad) that we would drive over to the high school and look for my name on the list. But when we got there the doors were locked so I had to wait until today to know the truth. And to my surprise I MADE IT!!! I was/am so happy and ecstatic! I can't wait to take it, this is one of my dreams, and it came true! But there is one dilemma; I don't have enough credits to take it, BUT I turned in my paper for Early Morning Seminary and now just praying that I will get in. So that is my good news!

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  1. that is so exciting! congratulations!

    long ago I was there sort of tyring out with a solo in high school, but I went to a very small school. So I understand a little but the fact that you made it in a large school is way more exciting and impressive.


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