Any ideas?

So I am running for Student Government for High School next year. We have to make posters for the campaign. I was just wondering if any one had any ideas for my posters(I have to make two)? Any ideas would be helpful!
Thanks, Ashlee


  1. well what exactly are you running for? go to
    oh and the pictures can be added by clicking on the little link that looks like a picture in compose format.

  2. Well we don't exactly run for a specific office. The High School will choose 2 people from each of the feeder middle schools and put them in the position they feel it best for them. Thanks Aunt Heidi for the web address I will take a look.

  3. Ashlee adding pictures is one thing I can do. I will help if you would like. Other than that you are pretty much on your own. Nice comments. Love you. Judy

  4. Ok Ashlee,

    I just added you to my blog so these are the steps I took.

    1)sign in
    2)you should be at your dashboard
    3)Click on settings
    4)click on layout
    5)On the right or left should be your page elements
    6)type in URL Address (example..http//
    7)Name it whatever name you want to show on your blog (example. Ashlee)
    8)Add link
    9)click on save changes
    Then repeat for all the blogs you want to add.

    On the picture thing you sign in and go to your dashboard. Click on new post and at the top or new post is a bar, on the right hand side is a tiny picture of I think a moutain or somthing, you click on that and then find your pictures on the your computer and add them.

    I am not sure if there is a faster way but if there is I don't know how to do it :) Good luck!! I am glad you have a blog!! I will check it out all the time. I will tell Jackie :)

  5. First of all I didn't know you had a blog and now I do so yay!! and for student government hmmm.. what are you running for? You could do "You can Pick your nose and yOu can pick your Friends, but be sure to pick Ashley for (whatever you are running for)" I'll brain storm some more and see what I can come up with..


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