a new chapter, if you will.

a little over a year ago, i packed up my room and left my comfortable life in west jordan, utah to start a new one in logan, utah. yesterday, i made that same journey but in the opposite direction.
i said goodbye to everything i knew; to the comfort of my friends, job, apartment, ward...everything. i left all of that behind to restart my life.
 i don't know where i want to be, who i want to be with, or where i am going to go.
actually, scratch that, i do know where i want to be, who i want to be with, and where i am going. but are those things right for me? i don't know. i don't know if i will see the people who have made such an impact on me and who i love so much, ever again. i don't know how this change will effect our relationship. that's one of the things that scares me the most.
for once in my life, i have no plan. i have goals that i have set and i have people who are willing to stand by me to make the necessary change.
i am terrified. i feel like people don't understand how i am feeling inside. when i say that this is one of the scariest things i have had to do, i mean it from the bottom of my heart.
i could have taken the easy road out and continued to live the way i was. to remain who i was and just kept going on and not truly being happy. but instead, i decided to leave it all behind: the people i love and the life i knew, to create a better version of myself and make some drastic changes to my life.
now is the time to focus on myself and my weaknesses--to be patient, trust, and have faith in the lord's plan. these next few months are not going to be easy, but i know with His help and with the help of my friends and family, i can do this.


  1. Girl I can totally relate. I feel like I know what I want and then i'm like um actually I don't. I just want to build a blanket fort and color all day haha. But I'm so excited to see where you life goes. You have so much faith! Love you!

  2. good for you girl! you truly are amazing. it takes so much courage to leave a comfortable lifestyle, and just start over. it is hard to have had your entire life planned out, and then realize that is not what will make you happy. this really is such an amazing thing you are doing, and i admire you. everything will work out, and soon enough it won't be scary anymore!

  3. You're such a huge inspiration to me, Ashlee. And I want you to know that this post truly is an answer to one of my own prayers. You have so much faith in the Lord and his plan for you and I really admire you for trusting so much. I love you, Ash!


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