the ugly.

there are many things that are ugly in life. but there is one, in particular, that has been consuming my thoughts, as of late. drugs. i've been affected by drugs many times in my life and it is something that is becoming such a norm in society it's sick. it's scary how easily accessible drugs are and that it's almost socially acceptable to be doing them. i recently had an encounter with an ugly in life.
i have never been so affected by one person and the choices they are making in life. i care deeply about this person and as any human being who cares for someone, i want nothing but the best for them. they have so much potential and are truly such a great person but they don't see it. i am constantly telling them how much i love them and how great i think they are and i don't think it quite registers to them. in my opinion, this person does not have the self-worth or confidence in them and has resulted in trying to fill that void with drugs. i've known about this ugly for a while now, but see past it because it's not the choices that this person makes that defines them. i struggle with my things and this is just one thing they struggle with.
i don't understand how it's appealing or even fun to give up your self-control and hand it over to some drug. i've personally witnessed that change in someone when they are under this influence. it's scary. i feel as though a different person is standing before me and it hurts. an individual will tend to say things they don't mean and it's hard to not take it personal. the image of the wide, dark eyes that are staring anywhere but in reality, makes me want reach out, hold them and cry. to watch them fold to something they have no control over hurts my heart. i feel like this ugly sucked the life out of my friend and i never want to see them in that state again. it was scary, and the images of that night are engraven into my  memory and i'm having a hard time suppressing those memories. i feel like i look at my friend in a different way now. it feels like i have to walk on eggshells and tip toe around that memory.

i want this ugly gone for good. i want my friend to see what i, and many others, see in them. i want them to see how much fun and how wonderful life is without the ugly. i want them to know their self-worth and to feel the love their savior and heavenly father has for them. i want them to come back to their heavenly father and remember how much joy, peace, and comfort the gospel brings to our lives. right now, i just have to be their friend, love them, be an example, continually pray for them, and never give up on them.


  1. This seriously is SO sad. Like ridiculously sad. Because of how reliant people are on drugs. And it sucks because the only person that can truly help them is themselves. And it's a long road back. I hope whoever this person you love dearly gets better soon. I also hope he/she doesn't hit rock bottom before they realize it.

    amanda @

    1. I hope they don't have to hit rock bottom, too! Thank you so much, girl! You're so sweet :)

  2. This is so sad it makes my heart hurt! That is such a hard thing to deal with!


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