someone call the doctor.

i have a problem. it's kind of a big problem that could affect how the rest of my life turns out. okay, that was a little dramatic, but still. here's the problem: i love boys. not a problem, right? correct. i love them until they start to show interest in me and bam. suddenly they turn into a creep in my book. sounds silly, but it's completely true.
example a:
a boy i started to fancy about a year ago left for a few months. we kept in contact via letters. i began to completely fall for him and felt like i could see a future with him. we go out and i turn into a 12 year old and become really awkward. i feel all weird inside (and it's not the good weird). he is a complete catch and being so nice to me. it was the first meeting for almost a year so i brushed it off. i start getting texts and calls from him daily and i began to feel really weirded out. see the problem? here is a completely normal guy that is interested and i'm creeped out. then, i stop hearing from him as often and begin to wonder why he never talks to me anymore. ay yi yi.

example b:
i can't think of one specific person but this has happened every time, without fail, except once. i start taking an interest in a boy and start doing what every girl does and start fantasizing about our life together. the moment he begins to show interest or say the forbidden words "i like you" i book it as fast as i can in the other direction. really, ashlee? really? i should be flattered that a boy i like is interested in me. but no, i feel sick to my stomach and think they're creepy.

see the problem? i've begun to realize i like the idea of a boy more than the boy himself. once again, a problem.
please, please, if any of you have words of advice, please send it my way. i need to get rid of this sickness before i become a spinster. forever.

um hi. these are me, to a t.


  1. HAHA this is SOOOOOOO funny! And also very true.

  2. Well (they) say that the first step towards recovery is admitting you have a problem :) Love you.


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