school vs. the meat market

currently, i am blogging from my balcony. yep, you read that right: balcony. apartment 20 has treated me very well, thus far.

my good friend, b, happens to live right there.
the topic of conversation lately has been student wards vs. singles wards. i have personally experienced both and student wards seem to be the ones that suit my fancy. here is my personal opinion regarding the matter:
1. from what i've seen, the majority of the people attending the singles ward are there because they are single. not that being single is a bad thing because, hello, i am single. however, they are not there because they're getting an education and have moved away for school. hence, why they turn into meat markets. the whole purpose is to go and scan out your options and find yourself some meat an eternal companion.
2. you have a much largers age range and the majority of the ward are not on the same level--which in turn, makes it harder to connect. some are going to school, some work, some are couch potatoes, some believe they are professional video game players. catching my drift?
3. the singles ward. the movie. has seem to be exactly what i've seen in the singles ward at home. awkward, to say the least.
4. this happens in every ward but it seems to really stand out in singles ward, the whole "scouting out your options" that goes on whenever you see a new person walk in the door. suddenly, everyone thinks they are on the welcoming commitee and it is there personal duty to show them around.
5. the forwardness. don't get me wrong, i like forward people. i am one myself. however, coming right up to someone and asking if someone has a boyfriend and proceeding to ask them on a date, comes off as a bit much. take a cold shower and cool those hormones, okay?

this is just my personal opinion and if you love your singles ward and want to shove pie in my face, i'm sorry. more than likely, i was not attending your singles ward.  i hope you're not offended and we can still be friends. and if it makes you feel better, these things do happen in student wards, they're just not as prevelant.

please enjoy this clip.


  1. i love reading your blog. it always makes me laugh:) i totally know what you mean by "singles wards"...

  2. Haha you're hilarious and so right!


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