emotions of 8.16.2012"

yay for new herrss. 
"why am i doing this?"

"you can't do this."
"yes, you can, ashlee"

weddings make me wanna get married.
pretty exciting, eh? yep, this is what you're stuck with 'till i buckle down to tackle my oakcrest post. three cheers for having no life.
tonight also included:
a beautiful wedding of my good friend, quaz
sitting on the dock and having the police show up to tell us there is a man with a gun roaming around here. lovely.
saying prayers in the car because i was panicking. hello, there's some maniac running loose right by me. thank goodness for prayers and worthy priesthood holders.
stopping by to see a friend and awkwardly sitting on his couch just to find out he was sleeping.
yelling 'hello' to a friends house. come to find out, her parents were outside. awkward.

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  1. i'm not really sure what you're talking about, but I like your dress ;) and I wanna get married too....


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