pre-camp week and week one.

i really have no desire to be with the world during the weekends. i stink at texting back, don't really want to hang out with anyone, and blogging is the last thing on my mind. however, i know that if i don't do a little something, i will be mad at myself later. oakcrest is definitely the best thing that has happened to me. i've never felt the spirit so strongly or for such a long period of time as i have these past two weeks. oakcrest is truly the lords camp and he is there. i cannot even being to thank my father in heaven for this incredible blessing and for trusting me with his precious daughters for the summer. i've learned so much about him and about myself and it's truly helping me develop into the woman i am destined to be. i am so blessed to work with such an incredible staff. i love and look up to them all so much and they are such incredible examples to me. i'll admit, that staff meeting is one of the things i look forward to most during the day because i get to be with these women without our girls and we get to share our experiences together. i'm sure one of these other days i'll give more detail, but for now this is all. the lord lives and i've seen his hand in everything i do. i've witnessed many miracles and tender mercies over the past two weeks and my testimony has been strengthened.

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  1. ASH! This looks so so so much fun and I'm sooooo happy for you! You are so blessed to have a great job


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