ode to the mother.

yesterday was the birthday of the woman who gave birth to me--bless her heart.
take a gander at the hottie on the left
now, 47 things i love about my mother(in no particular order)

1. she is such a hard worker. she works more hours than any woman i know.
2. she loves my sister and i unconditionally, no matter how awful we treat her.
3. she is always there to come to my rescue.
4. she is just a phone call away and willing to listen to my frustrations and complaints.
5. she supports me with my religion choice though she is not a part of it herself. for that, i will forever be grateful.
6. she devotes her time to her family.
7. she'd do anything for her family even if it meant putting her life in danger.
8. she keeps a civil relationship with my dad and never speaks ill of him in front of my sister and i.
9. she welcomes anyone into our home with open arms.
10. she put up with me through my devil years.
11. she always builds me up and makes me feel of worth.
12. she shares the love of shopping with me.
13. she is so giving and will give all she can to others. i particularly remember a couple of christmases ago when she provided gifts for a family that couldn't provide for themselves. i will never forget that.
14. she never missed a choir performance of mine.
15. she always wants to know what's going on in my life and genuinely cares.
16. she puts up with my sister and i teasing her about far too many things.
17. she is able to "let loose" and be silly.
18. she's not afraid to make a fool of herself.
19. she understands sarcasm.
20. she's always pushed me to do my best.
21. she will clean up after my siblings and i without muttering a word of complaint.
22. she's taught me so many wonderful attributes of what being a mother is.
23. she's accepted all of her children as they are and let's them make their own decisions.
24. she lets me make bad decisions and learn from them.
25. she has some cute clothes she lets me borrow. (yep, my mother and i are basically the same size)
26. she allows me to choose the music in the car.
27. she loves and cares for animals so much. especially our doggies. 
28. she is a fantastic napper and i'm pretty sure inherited my love for sleep from her.
29. she exemplifies what a good marriage should look like.
30. she is madly in love with my step-dad.
31. she is so willing to put her life on hold to care for others.
32. she answered my call at 1am without getting mad at me.
33. she makes fun of my love for country. 
34. she tried to talk me into staying home with her instead of moving out. silly, mom.
35. she still calls me "nae"
36. she's never forced me to grow up and do grown up things.
37. she will still do my laundry when i'm home.
38. i know she will love me no matter what and she tells me that frequently.
39. she still has a great relationship with her sister who lives far away.
40. she is so independent.
41. she still calls me her baby.
42. she makes fun of us kids with love.
43. she's always supported me with decisions i make, even if she doesn't agree with it.
44. she has some wicked dance moves.
45. she is a great cook.
46. she can't do a cartwheel. just like me.
47. she is my mother and is the best mother i could ever ask for! 

happy birthday, mother dear, i love you so much 
and i hope you had a wonderful birthday in florida.


  1. the devil years! I love it. Oh and the "nae" one. I miss your mom. we should hangout with her & ride in the van.

  2. I love your mom! Happy Birthday to her from me! (:


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