i'm off for my yearly visit.

anyone who knows me, knows that my body is whack. it does the craziest things and it's never something normal that happens to it. i wish it was easy things like a broken arm or broken leg. no, that's far to common in the world and my body wants nothing to do with it. last night i took my yearly visit to the e.r. my gracious roommate april was so kind to drive and stay with me from 1:30 to around 5:40. i seriously don't know what i would do without her. i just started a new medication and it's made me sick for the past couple of days. nausea and vomiting, i can deal with that. however, last night i had the same symptoms but also numbness in my arms, heaviness in my chest, having a hard time catching my breath, and sweating profusely. i started to have an anxiety attack and asked april if she would help me. she fetched my fan that had been packed away since summer and i tried as hard as i could to calm down. i tried to call my parents because i was freaking out and didn't know what to do and finally go a hold of my mom. when i got off the phone with her i immediately wanted a priesthood blessing. i needed one. i felt awful, though, because the majority of the boys in our building were asleep and i felt bad waking them up. however, i knew that if it were for a blessing; they'd do it in a heartbeat. after much door knocking and no answer, we finally got our friend and RA, tyler, to come and administer the blessing. the blessing was great and i felt comforted. it was kind of funny though because he recently got back from a mission in columbia and  had not done a blessing in english for a really long time and had a prompt card to read. a few minutes later we decided that i needed to go to the e.r. because i was not settling down and we wanted to make sure everything was okay. we arrived at the hospital, go checked in and looked at and all that fun stuff. they gave me some nice drugs that made me worry about nothing and feel really loopy and out of it. they definitely helped a ton while i was waiting for test results. they were worried i may have a bladder infection so they tested me for that. that test came back contaminated so they needed to have a clean sample and got that through a catheter. if i could give you any advise: never get a catheter while you are awake and conscious. after many hours of waiting and being dead tired, everything came back fine and they finally got my blood pressure and pulse under control and released. april definitely gets the roommate of the year award. She stayed with me the entire time without any mutter of complaint. (even when i asked her to wait outside the bathroom for me) i am so grateful she was there and i didn't have to go all by myself. and, that she was so willing to sacrifice sleep to be there with me.


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  2. I hope you're okay Ashlee! good thoughts your way.

    April is the kindest soul I have had the opportunity of meeting. I love Yenna.

  3. Ash! What the heck girl :( I'm glad you are okay!!

  4. ashlee! i am so so so glad that you are okay now. if there is anything i can do let me know! i love you! and i will send prayers your way!


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