i will forever be indebted to 90s boys bands.

reasons why boy bands were better in the 90s:

they had their own dolls

they wore designer jeans

they were multi-cultural

they were bi-lingual

overalls. 'nuff said.

they loved laying in hammocks.


they loved themselves.

they weren't afraid of glitter.

they had rad facial hair.

one word: leather.

they had famous little brothers.

they weren't afraid to have ramen hair.

they'd battle on trl.
but, seriously, 90s boy bands are far better than the junk we listen to now-a-days. tell me one girl that doesn't jump up, start singing on the top of her lungs, and begins dancing when "bye, bye, bye", "it's going to be me", or "everybody" comes on. yeah, i knew you were guilty. that's okay, it just proves how much better music and life was back in the 90s. we had no worries but what game to play on our gameboy, whether or not our tamagotchi was happy, or who we were going to play with when we got off track. the 90s were the days.

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  1. I love you. Not even joking, my roommates and I sang and danced to Backstreet Boys for a solid two hours last week. Love the 90's!


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