it's up to you.

"be the change you want to see in the world" ghandi couldn't have said it better. with the quick rise of media, pornography, theft, and violence in the world; there is no better time to change it. to be a change in the world and to make a difference. now, one might be saying "i'm a minuscule being compared to the world. what i do won't make a difference." you, my friend, are very, very wrong. here is your opportunity: 1. watch this video. 2. have your heart touched. 3. get the word out.--don't just post it on facebook, do something about it. while posting on facebook spreads the word, it only does so much. 4. take action. join up with your local kony team and get involved. do as much as you can with what you're given.
you make the difference.

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  1. ashlee, you are wonderful! and p.s. how did you make your blog look this wonderful?? you should help me with mine!


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