hey, baby, what's yo number?

friday brought many adventures, the icing to the cake: getting hit on by a black man at mcdonalds. super classy, i know. the story begins after cheri and order and we're waiting for our food so we can be on our way to american fork. we're standing there and this guy comes up to us and asks "would you vote for me?" we're both standing there dumbfounded, having no idea what's going on. he then laughs and says, "nah, we've already had too many black presidents." ummmm, okay... he then proceeds to tell us about how he's here from chicago, helping the ghetto, selling magazines or something like that. i have no idea what he was saying, he was talking a million miles per hour. we tell him we're sorry and that we didn't have the funds to buy the magazines. he says that's okay and then asks, "which one of ya'll are taking me to dinner?" we start laughing thinking he's just kidding, yeah, no, not the case. he was completely serious and wanted someone to take him to dinner and show him around since he wasn't from around here. cheri then throws me under the bus telling him to pick me because i was single. he goes on and on and then asks for my number. i panic. i had no idea what to do, i had no interest in this guy and didn't want to be rude and tell him i didn't want to go out with him. {i think i've mentioned this before, but i have a fear of guys. no joke. i also don't really have jungle fever...} so, i decided to give him my cute roommate, shacy's, number. i gave it to him, said my goodbye, and booked it out of there. cheri and i hopped in my dad's truck and busted up laughing. did that really just happen to us!? this guy was for real. definitely an experience for the books.

favorite quote by ryan{that was him name}: "now, don't not go buying these magazines from me because i have ashy hands. i forgot to my on my lotion today."


  1. i basically think this is wonderful. it had me laughing so hard!

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