so, remember how in my last post i was a chicken? well, i finally grew up and talked to him. well, sort of... i resorted to facebook(i know, dumb. but at least it's a start). i sent him a little message and the next day he replied. not only did he reply, he attached a little friend request with it. i was ecstatic. seriously, i can't remember the last time i freaked out this much over a guy. (pretty sure i didn't do this my entire high school career). oh, and i sat next to him in class today. my sneaky roommates kind of conned me into sitting there, but it did give me the opportunity to speak face to face. i don't know what it is, but i've never been so afraid to talk to a boy as i am to him. i sure hope this fear does not continue... so, if you want to be kind of creeperish and see who this little hottie is, just check my newest facebook friend (the one that starts with the letter that come after d). trust me, you'll be glad you did. but just a little warning: you may drool and little.
on other news, i started my first real day of work today. i showed up, and found out they didn't have a seat for me so they told me to go home. does anyone else find this weird? so, i guess friday will be my first day. that is, if they don't send me home again. come on, people, i need the money!

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