i miss this man a lot. he always seems to make everything better. since i've left for college i've really earned a greater appreciation for him. i've always been a 'daddy's girl' but until moving out, i never realized how bad it was. it's hard because sometimes i just want to call him bawling because i miss him so much. but, i refrain. i need to be strong, i want him to feel that i am doing well and not a complete mess. he is my idol. i look up to him probably more than he thinks and i want to be exactly like him (almost-though many say i am a spitting of him). he is an incredible man and i hope i can be at least half the person he is. he works so hard to provide for our family and never mutters a word of complaint. he has such a strong testimony and has lived my two biggest nightmares and is still so incredible. he has lost so much in his life, but he is grateful for what he does have. he's always been kind of like a second mom to me (not in a weird way). for a long time he did have to play the role of mom and dad. he did the laundry, he cooked, he got my sister and i dressed and did our hair. he worked so hard for us and did it all alone. that shows just what an incredible man i've been blessed to have as a father. my dad would did anything for anyone and is always volunteering to help people out. he holds the priesthood honorably and blesses my family in so many ways. i hope to find a man just a wonderful as my father (although, that is pretty hard to beat). i don't know what i ever to did to deserve him as my dad but let me say, i am one lucky girl!
isn't he such a cute man?

he also has some pretty cute daughters :)

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  1. Could you hook me up?????? He sounds like a great man.


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