i never thought this day would come, but my blog(for the time being) is going private. i'm sick of the lies and drama that people are saying about it and i'm not exactly sure where the source is coming from so i will eliminate their way in. i know, it's kind of a pain, but i need to do this for me right now. this is where i get to write about my life in the way i want to. after all, it is my blog and i can do whatever the hell i want with it. so please, if you'd like to continue reading, please leave your e-mail address and i'd gladly add you to list. once again, sorry for the inconvenience.

so, as of february 1st, this blog is private. to leave your e-mail either contact me via facebook, comment, or e-mail me @ ashlee(dot)moesser@yahoo(dot)com


  1. add me please :)

  2. ashlee! you better add me girl! don't listen to what people say! i love you and your blog:)


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